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PILOT KNOB  LbNA # 10882

Placed DateSep 13 2004
LocationLeavenworth, KS
Planted ByThe Gardener    
Found By Brenda
Last Found Jul 17 2011
Hike Distance?

A short walk in a long wood, where I played as a kid. This large hill long ago was dubbed Pilot Knob. The city resevoir sets atop it. Also the burying ground of Buffalo Bill Cody's father in a long lost cemetary here. Bountiful of Red Fox when I was young, it is now bountiful of deer, rabbit, squirrel, turtles and birds. I spooked four doe (individually) as I was searching for a hiding spot for my letterbox. Actually only 3 - one doe let me within 20 feet before bounding away. THIS IS a fairly natural deciduous forest, so you will need to watch out for poison ivy and other woodsy hazards, but no Lions and Tigers and Bears OH NO! Depending on your age and conditioning, and letterboxes that I have found, I would have to grade this a moderate task because you'll be walking uphill all the way.
Go to the Leavenworth High School on 10th Ave. and drive behind the school on Grand Ave. Park as close as you can to the red field shed north of the track. At the edge of the wood behind the crudely made"08"etched on the hillside is a large red wooden TRAIL GUIDE MAP.
Enter the trail into the woods just to the left of the sign.
The trail is a little overgrown in a couple of spots right at first, but follow it to a step up onto 3 RR ties in the path. Keep following the trail past a post marked 45 on the left, then around a spindly cedar tree growing on the right.
Go up the wooden steps where you will find two single plank benches and 3 longer RR ties side by side on your right.
Walk to the north end of the ties, turn west (to your left) and walk 14 or 15 steps into the woods.
On your right will be a fallen tree with three woodpecker holes close together. The letterbox is inside the stump of this tree under the stones.