Rubber Duckie  LbNA # 10887 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Frog    
Placed DateSep 12 2004
LocationWaverly, OH
Found By Cross Country Travel
Last Found Aug 5 2007
Hike Distance?

Rubber Duckie

this box is out of commission till I can get to it and replace the damaged box 5-11-08
Lake White is a man made lake bulit during the depression by the Works Progess Administration (W.P.A.). The lake consists of 337 acres of water and 92 acres of land and there are remains of the Ohio and Erie Canal. Lake White was offically dedicated as a State Park in 1949.

Ducks like water so I hid this one at Lake White State Park. Take 104 South out of Waverly to 551. Turn right onto 551 . Go up to the top shelter house (from there you can admire the beautiful veiw of the lake also an excellent photo opportunity). Go through the shelter house and you will see a set of steps leading down , go down those steps. You will then see a second set of steps leading down, stand at the very top of those steps and take a reading of 330 degrees. Go 14 paces ( if your long legged take less, I'm only 5'3"). You should end up at a stone wall, look on the other side under a large rock in the grass and you will find me.

** I was just there a couple of days ago to check on this box it is alive and well as of 3-1-06 but I did notice that they have the road leading up to the top shelter house closed from december 15th thru march 15th (I Believe) so you will have to walk up.I am so sorry about any inconvience this may cause.