MST3K  LbNA # 10915

Placed DateSep 15 2004
LocationStorrs, CT
Planted Byhodsthorn    
Found By Einstein
Last Found Aug 24 2013
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy (one steep area by the box)
Distance: .5 miles from start of clues

MST3K, for those who don't share my taste for terrible B-movies, stands for Mystery Science Theater 3000. You can learn more about the show (which was devoted to watching cheesily-built 'robots' and their human companion watch and make fun of bad films) by checking out any of the websites devoted to it (I recommend "Satellite News" at, but to really understand what the show was about, track down the episodes, make some popcorn, and prepare to be happily confused by the inhabitants of the Satellite of Love.

This letterbox has been planted in honor of the recent release of several episodes of the show on DVD. Hopefully, the entire series will eventually be released...

To find the box, start out by parking your car in the commuter lots by the University of Connecticut in Storrs (the lots north of campus are closer to the starting point--but watch out for parking restrictions during business hours). Walk along the horseshoe-shaped road by the hill north of campus to the north-most point on the road, where you will find a small, fenced-off picnic area. The clues begin here (this is also the starting point for the Peep Study box). Stand at the southwest corner post and sight 340° along a path through the grass to a trail in the woods. You'll know you're in the right spot when you notice wild grape vines growing on the right-hand side of the trail mouth. From the mouth of the trail, look ahead to two five-foot red-blazed posts marking the official head of the trail, and begin walking northeast downhill, noting a stone wall on the left (if you have children or four-legged letterboxers with you, watch out for some rusting barbed wire on the stone walls in this area!). The stone wall ends at a corner. Continue east to a second wall a little further on and stay on the trail. The second wall ends after a short distance; keep going straight.
The trail now crosses over a series of creek beds and passes a third stone wall (about 30 feet off to the left). After the creek beds, the trail curves slightly to the right and begins a gradual uphill slope. Yet a fourth stone wall will now be on your left; follow this wall uphill and cross over three trees which lie across the trail. The stone wall ends and the trail curls left around its end. Shortly after, look for two slender red-blazed trees on either side of the trail (you've gone too far if the trail peters out at a standing boulder). Stand between the two trees and sight 15° past a two-sister tree to a boulder sticking out of the earth 37 steps away. Climb onto the boulder and sight 80° to find a young pine tree 25 paces distant. From the pine, sight 35° and walk downhill 74 steps to two 7 foot tall stumps standing about 18 feet apart. From the western stump, look 40° and head further downhill to a boulder half-covered in a mossy coat. Look under the east side of the boulder for the "MST3K" box. Please stamp in and rehide well.

To get back to your car, head back along the same trail.