The Magic Mushroom  LbNA # 10934 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 16 2004
LocationDamascus, MD
Found By Whisper Foot
Last Found Feb 19 2005
Hike Distance?

These boxes have been pulled...we will rehide ASAP!
April 29, 2006

Legend has it the the power of The Magic Mushroom could make a bands music never stop. Over the test of time, from the heart of the blues to the coolest Jazz and rock amd roll, many people have tried to capture the Power of The Magic Mushroom. Great artist like Jimi got lost in the Purple Haze of its power. Janis was also a victim to the power of The Mushroom. The Dead has weathered "The test of time" with 3 members lost to the Mushrooms awesome power. So........Phil, Mickey, and Bob were trying to harness the power of The Magic Mushroom. So their "music would never stop." They asked The Great One "how do we find The Mushroom?" The Great One replied," you must keep playing your music and use your music to help you find and unleash the power of The Mushroom." The boys decided to seek the help of the legendary Stagger Lee, Casey Jones, and Tennessee Jed to help them on their quest. "We will be happy to help," they replied. So, the gang jumped into their VW bus, as legend has it, and headed away from the Capitol City, North, 27 miles or so, to find Mr. Hurley. Hurley told them to stay North on the Ridge until you come to the white church. The boys proceeded north until they reached the church right where Davis Mill lived. He told them,"if you want to find the mushroom, you must be careful as you proceed to old lefty Watkins place and a left at the Log House . As they crept past the long chain-link fence and proceeded down, down, down the hill, Casey spotted a SMALL pull-off area on the right before the guard rail. They staggered out of the "W" bus and Stagger LEE shouted," I see a trail to the right." They followed the trail into the woods, being careful to stay to the left at the "Y" in the trail. The boys proceeded to walk for about 5 minutes. During the walk, Casey expressed his concern for all the fallen trees. Could it have been from the mushroom? The boys continued carefully on the trail until they were parallel to the creek. They found a small tree on the right with a light-blue blaze. From that point, they took out thier compass and headed in a direction of 270 degrees toward a large downed tree. On the other side of that tree, they came upon another tree with a hole at the base. It was there that Stagger Lee unlocked the power of The Magic Mushroom................(to be continued???????????) Off of 270 take exit 16A 27 east stay on 27 north until you come to Davis Mill make right.At your next street make left on Watkins go about 1 mile and make a left on Log House go to bottom of the hill and park just be fore the gardrail have a nice hike.