Alabama Seal- out of commission will be replaced  LbNA # 10963 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationCentreville, AL
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Payne Lake, Lake Payne, the locals all call it something different. It's a special place to me. I remember camping there with my family when I was a child, hiking as a teenager, and camping trips in college. My grandfather helped build the place when he was in the CCC during the depression. There are no natural lakes in Alabama ya know, or so my 6th grade teacher told me. Hope you enjoy this place as much as me.

Drive to the lake and park near the swimming area. When the box was placed, much of the park was closed due to rennovations at the park. There is a trail beside the bathroom at the swimming beach. Take the trail that leads counterclockwise around the lake. There are several tree identifiers along the way. At the end of the trail there is a sign signifying its end. Continue on anyway. Take 68 or 73 steps. 68 steps if you're a 5'3" tall woman, and 73 steps if you're a 6'2" tall man. At the end of your step, step, stepping you'll be smack dab between two trees. One small double tree and a tall straight tree. Look left. Eye the stump by a big pine tree. Ta Dum!

If you happen to geocache, there is a cache near this letterbox. Go find it.