Kame Kasuri  LbNA # 10974

OwnerKimono Girl    
Placed DateSep 18 2004
LocationSullivan, IL
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found May 2 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is hidden at Camp Camfield just south of Sullivan. To get to Camp Camfield, take route 32 south through Sullivan. Just past the miniature golf field, take a right. Follow the road through the first two curves and follow the green bike path signs to the parking lot at Camp Camfield.

If you are coming to Camp Camfield to look for the Lance's Fish Tank series, this box will fit neatly between boxes 4 and 5 of that series.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. The trails you will be hiking are narrow bike trails, so watch out for bikes. Also, these are mountain bike trails so parts of the trail are quite rough (strollers are definately out of the question here) so keep an eye out for roots and loose gravel. The parts of the trail that are necessary for finding the letterbox are structurally sound and appropriate for small children, but if you plan on further exploring the trails keep in mind that some of them are not often used and as a result not always well maintained...please use caution when crossing wooden structures that have obviously been neglected for some time. Also keep in mind that this trail goes through the woods, be sure to do a tick check when you are done and keep an eye out for posion ivy (I did not see any in the vicinity of the box but there is a LOT in the area) and brambles.


Follow the gravel road at the west end of the parking lot to the picknic area. Pass the tables and pavillion that once held a map and continue on the road which has become overgrown with grass except where bike tires have worn through to the gravel.

When the road ends, enter the woods and follow the winding path over two 3-plank wooden bridges. Eventually you will see a wooden bridge with railing to your left. Take this bridge over the creek bed and follow the trail to the left when you come to a crossroads. Soon you will cross a small 4-plank wooden bridge and again take the trail to the left.

Approximately 58 steps along this section of the trail will take you to a large stone sitting on the left side of the trail (no need to count steps as long as you keep a sharp eye out for the stone, but if you feel you've gone too far go back and count) Here you will leave the well-worn path and take a trail seemingly forgotten by time (or at least by most who hike these trails). Follow this faint trail down the hill and around to the left. Immediately to the right of the "trail" is a jagged stump. Kame Kasuri is tucked away under some bark in this stump. Happy hunting!