Fric And Frac's Family Zodiac(RETIRED)  LbNA # 10976 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2004
LocationBoyds/Germantown, MD
Planted By
Found By all Daydream
Last Found Mar 31 2006
Hike Distance?


These boxes are hidden in Black Hills Regional Park. Be sure to print out all letterboxes for Boyds/Black Hills Regional Park. There are many now and you can make a day of it with a picnic lunch. The park has playgrounds, fishing, bathrooms, boat rentals, grills etc..

Enter the park and park at the entrance station. (No one is manning the little kiosk anymore). Get out of your car and face the kiosk, look left for a pole that is bright yellow. It is a gas pipeline pole. From that pole, facing the park entrance, from the direction you just came from, go 30 paces (every footfall equals 1 pace) to where the trail begins. Come to a "T" in the trail shortly and take a left. Just as you head into the woods, there is a 2 in 1 tree to the left. This 2 in 1 has one very large tree and one very small tree. Stand behind the tree, facing uphill and look towards 11 o'clock for another tree of the exact same nature. Go to that tree and facing uphill take a reading of 310 degrees. Go 7 paces and find Leo under a large, flat rock under the base of the tree.

Go back on the trail and continue in the same direction. Pass through a tree that had fallen across the trail and then to another tree that has fallen across the trail and had to be cut. From that point, take 28 paces. Take a reading of 280 degrees and look for a downed tree with a large, split trunk sticking up from the ground. Under and beneath the split, and hidden behind some rocks, is Pisces.

Get back on the trail and continue in the same direction. Find a ten-foot tall tree stump on the left side of the trail. Go behind the tree and look down and inside the stump. The tree has actually split in half and there are pumpkin, orange mushrooms growing in there.(at least they were in Sept.) Okay, that's not the clue, but we thought the tree and the shrooms were worth a look. Continue on from that tree for 60 paces to a 5 foot, cut down log that is parallel to the path on the right side. It is completely hollow and there you will find Aries.

Back to the trail and continue in the same direction. Take a left at the "T" in the path and follow the path as it crosses the street. You will be on Cabin Branch Trail now. Go a short distance until you find another log that has fallen across the path and had to be cut. Take a reading of 10 degrees and spot a stump in the near distance with several small branches leaning against it. There waits a happy crab inside the stump.

Continue in the same direction on the trail for a short distance until you spot a large tree, on the right side, that has fallen but is leaning on another tree. The tree didn't fall far before falling on the other one. There is also 2 cut tree stumps within 5 feet of the base of the fallen tree. From the trail, where you can see the fallen tree, take a reading of 230 degrees. Go 42 paces to a downed tree that is really rotting! In the base of the tree and behind some ROCKS (HINT, HINT). You will find Deano's Capricorn.

Now back to the trail, one more time, and continue on until you come to 2 large white rocks right in the middle of the trail. Stop there and look left for a large white rock sitting on a tree stump in the woods.(GEE, wonder how that got there ???) From that rock, take a reading of 340 degrees and take 15 paces to a large, smooth barked tree with a hole in the base. Inside you will find Aquarius.