Butterfly **MISSING**  LbNA # 11005 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 19 2004
LocationMounds State Park, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Oct 2 2004
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Mounds State Park is located off state road 232 near Anderson, IN, and this is where the box is located. For more detailed directions, see http://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/parks/mounds.html.

There is a $4 fee for in-state visitors. Obtain a map when you pay.

Clues to the box:
Start at the opening of the Great Mound. This is an interesting landmark. Check it out! :) From the mound, check your map to find trail #1. You must go around towards the back of the mound to start on the trail. Once you get on trail #1, follow it to the boardwalk. This is an neat structure too! There will be steps going down on the way to the box, back up when you're done. There are benches there to rest on. By the way, if you keep your eyes active, looking all around (hint: up), you'll see little homes here and there. Follow the boardwalk until you have to start going back up. Go on up one flight of steps and then across a flat stretch. At the second flight going up, have a seat and rest a spell on the left-hand end of the first step. Behind you, in the opening of the steps, reach way down behind the end of the step you're sitting on, all the way down to the ground. Underneath there, resting on the ground under the steps is the Butterfly box, #6 in our kids' series.

If you continue the short walk up the rest of the steps, then curve around to your right, you'll end up right back at the parking lot. The return walk will be shorter than the one taking you to the box.

Please holler if you don't find the box! :) :)