Barrel Hoop Saguaro Mystery  LbNA # 1101

Placed DateMar 4 2003
LocationMystery, AZ
Planted ByThe Nail Family    
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 20 2015
Hike Distance?

The Barrel Hoop Saguaro Mystery Letterbox
(Sonoran Desert)
Barrel Hoop Saguaro Mystery Letterbox
by Nailhead of the Nail Family

Placed 3/4/03, verified alive 11/24/03.
Location: Mystery location in Sonoran Desert
Clues- moderate
Hike- easy
Distance of hike- less than 1 mile roundtrip.
All compass headings are magnetic

Find the recreation area at the confluence of the Green River and Rio Salado.
Pay the piper before you set out. $4 will do for your whole day.
Rest up.
Learn riparian knowledge.
Walk at 200 past the double white line.
The general direction is gravity defined fluidity.
Choose 255 when the question arises.
Down for the wash, up and on.
Posts are 4 square.
Signs describe.
Another dip.
Trinity of wood left beside.
3rd dip.
290 will align peak and pole over the flow.
Old road at 110, tall spiny soldier at 150.

This green soldier wears an old belt at his foot. How did it get there? This soldier is ancient, perhaps 150 years. In fact, this type of soldier only begins to raise his arms at 75! Perhaps a passerby in an earlier time placed a barrel over this soldier¹s head when he was just a boy. The barrel is gone but its hoop remains.

Old soldiers and barrel hoops are mysterious but you search for something else. Turn away from the soldier to 140 and walk 8 steps. Another old soldier of sorts lies here. At his foot is what you seek. Hey! Dont reach in there, this is Arizona for Pete's sake! Use a stick or you could get more than you bargain for!

Ponder the mysteries here and replace for other seekers to follow.

Warning: Always be careful when reaching into crevices and holes. Wear gloves and/or use a stick to poke around first. Animals often share the natural habitat of letterboxes.

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