Fafnir  LbNA # 11035

Placed DateSep 20 2004
CountyLa Plata
LocationDurango, CO
Found By Co-Vicars
Last Found Aug 16 2016
Hike Distance?

Fafnir was a great shape-shifting wizard. When he got a ring from Loki, who got it from a rich dwarf, it consumed him with greed and he turned into a dragon. It is said that Sigfried the knight slew Fafnir, but really, he flew to North America and helps with prescribed fires at Animas Overlook. Follow directions in the Jack-in-the-Green letterbox clues to Animas Overlook. Head down the asphalt trail until you find Fafnir's sign. Facing the sign there is a charred log to your right about seven steps away. On the other side of this log under bark and rocks you will find Fafnir. Cover him up well when you are done, please.

Stamp carved by 11 year-old Elros. I had some help from y-nought with the hand made journal.

Be sure to find Jack-in-the-Green, Olga Little, and Animas Overlook letterboxes on the same trail.