White's Ferry  LbNA # 11060

Placed DateSep 21 2004
LocationPoolesville, MD
Planted ByVespa Vikings    
Found By LBx_family
Last Found Aug 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Down Route 107 past Poolesville 6 miles
youíll find Whiteís Ferry so tarry a while.
Thereís a letterbox there, thatís for sure,
but around the site thereís a whole lot more.
Iím sure you knew, now, didnít ya
that for just 50 cents you can ride over to Virginia?
You can also picnic or rent a canoe,
I told you, thereís a lot to do.

But for the letterbox, first park your car
in the lot, but you wonít be going far.

With your back to the water look up to the right
the bridge White built in 1876 should be in sight.
But you want the towpath on the left side of the street.
Across, the ruins of the old stone warehouse look pretty neat.
From the brown gate about 350 paces you must stride
until you find the letterbox to unhide.

On down the path, on your left, find a tall, tall broken tree
About 10 to 12 feet of the base youíll still see.
Itís guarding a stream that leads down to the river
Youíre so close now you should be all a-quiver.
(A hint to make sure that youíre on the right track,
if you come to mile marker 36 youíre too far, so turn back.)

Stand on the west (Potomac) side of that tall tree
And let me tell you now what youíll see:
To your right down the hill is a hidden old culvert of stone
that routed the stream underneath so the canal flowed alone.
To your left is a clearing and just five steps away
is a tree that has certainly seen a better day.
Itís now in a few pieces and it just lays across
the ground and is covered with lichen and moss.
Step over it to the other side, then really look at the tree
until you find a part of the old trunk that is shaped like a V.
Underneath that V move aside a few sticks and rocks
And youíll find what you seek: the letterbox.