Kings Mountain  LbNA # 11067

Placed DateSep 22 2004
LocationKings Mountain State Park, Blacksburg, SC
Found By EmmaJoyLee
Last Found Aug 13 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

This is our 2nd planted box, and it is in honor of Jenniferís 36th birthday

This is in the South Carolina State Park.
There is a $2.00 per day charge for anyone over 16.

20 - 30 min moderate(uphill climbs}trail.

The parking lot at Crawford Lake,
Begins the path that you will take.
Head towards the bathhouse, then turn right,
Two wooden posts are in your sight.
Between them now as you pass by,
Your yellow blaze youíre sure to spy.
Head toward the dam, watch your feet,
Careful now, this hill is steep.
Heed the notice, obey the sign,
Or else youíll have a wet behind.
Once again your path turns right,
On down the hill, it isnít slight.
A moment now to stop and listen,
To waterfalls that shine and glisten
To cross the creek, 4 stones are there,
Step lively now, but be aware.
Just up the hill and to the right,
Is where deer play in morning light.
Go left and follow yellow blaze,
Thereís a drop-off, quite a ways.
Below the path, a boulder seat,
A bit too high to wet your feet.
Could this have been where they found gold?
These piles of quartz that are so old.
Now over water, this bridge is great,
Provided by Troop 38.
On up the hill, in the switchback,
A wooden serpent poised to attack.
Oh no, itís just a fallen tree,
And not a serpent from the sea.
Keep going now, donít despair,
A little walk, youíre almost there.
Just before a grassy clearing,
Kings Mountain box, you are nearing.
When you reach a small gully to the left and the right,
The treasure you seek is now within sight.
To the left 18 paces you should be,
To the 2nd stump beneath a cedar canopy.
Once youíve obtained the prized impression,
Please donít forget others succession.
Be a sport and re-hide it well,
So no one walking by can tell.