Coolest letter box ever!  LbNA # 11083 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2004
LocationBrewer, ME
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Hike Distance?

Ever been to the "stone henge typs statue in brewer?...well they are tall and gray and on the water fron they have detailed designs on them.

oK NOW that you know where i am talking about i want you to help me..i seemed to have misplaced my giraffe. Hes big and purple and he smells really bad..thats his favorite place to hang out but,...he likes to play hide an seek so..there may be false giraffes beware!! You can tell if there fake if when you open the letter box it has a HAHA sign..If its real Chester will come out and say hi but please when you find him...scold him he shouldnt run away like that!!!

Thanks for your help and I cant wait to see him again..I kinda miss his purple-ness, his smell and his height....HaVe fuNn!!!!!!!!!