OwnerThe Woodshed    
Placed DateSep 26 2004
LocationStanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO
Found By Clearlakegirlscout
Last Found Jul 16 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 9 2015

The Shining Letterbox.

This letterbox is placed on the grounds of the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO.
The hotel is located of Rt. 36.
Turn right onto Stanley Blvd at the Stanley Historical District sign.
At the intersection, turn right and follow to the entrance to the hotel grounds (approx. 500 to the left).
There is a $3.00 charge to visit the Stanley via car without having a planned event.
You can always park outside on the street and walk up to the hotel.

Take a tour of the hotel – they have many to choose from.


From the front step of the hotel, turn to your left and head towards the parking lot. Look to your right, you will see some steps and a path heading towards the pool. Follow this concrete path until you can turn off to the stone path. Follow the stone path to the gravel lot. In front of the lot there are 5 large pine trees. 4 pine trees will be to your left, a cluster of smaller pine trees will be in front of you, and the 5th tree will be to your right. Walk to the 5th tree. In front of the pine tree is a grouping of large boulders. On top of the boulders is a large rock that can be moved. Look under the rock for what you seek.

This is a VERY public and visible spot! You must use your very best skills of discreetness! Please re-hide well.