Roosevelt Drive  LbNA # 111 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 2 2003
LocationRoosevelt Drive, Coffeyville, KS
Found By spiritualastronomer
Last Found Dec 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Roosevelt Drive

Placed by: Wes, Jess, and Katelyn
Placed on: 2/2/2003

Start at the top of Roosevelt Drive, near the Coffeyville football stadium (NOT the high school football stadium). You can find Roosevelt Drive near the city municipal pool, the historic aviation museum, and Big Hill park. It is on the north end of town. To find this area, find Buckeye road and follow it north. It will curve to the west and you will go right by the pool. Curve back to the north before you reach the pool, go past the park and the aviation museum, and find a little parking lot (on the right side of the road). This will be the top of the Drive.

First, calibrate your pace. A pace is a single footfall. There are twelve paces between the white signs at the beginning of the trail. These are twelve-year-old paces, so adjust accordingly.

Your first landmark are two distinctive trees. These two trees will be on your right. They are on top of a rocky wall-like overhang. The overhang is about ten feet tall. The trees have very large exposed roots.

The two trees are located at the beginning of two sharp right hand turns. At the end of the second turn, the path will straighten out. At this point, count approximately 100 paces. When you finish, there will be four flat rocks along the left side of the trail, with about two feet between them apiece. They will be on edge, holding the dirt from sliding down the steep hill. The box is behind the fourth rock. As of November 9, 2003, there is a bench right beside fourth rock. This would make a good place to sit and stamp in.