Abandoned Cemetery of Ramsey  LbNA # 11124

OwnerEda Cherry    
Placed DateSep 26 2004
Location???, MN
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 4 2014
Hike Distance?

***Update 4/25/11 Letterbox has passed the maintenance check, brand new paper added, and is ready to be found!***

The Ramsey Foster Cemetery was established prior to 1860 and abandoned in 1905. Many of the people who were originally buried here have been moved to other cemeteries. There are a couple of intact gravestones standing in this cemetery, but most only remain in pieces. The site is now surrounded by an industrial area, hardly noticeable however, within the cemetery which is filled with tall, ancient trees. Enjoy the search and remember: no grave robbing or digging necessary or encouraged.

Treat the area with respect and, if possible, leave it cleaner than you found it by removing any litter you might find.

The Ramsey Foster Cemetery is located on 143rd Avenue NW between Jasper and Ebony streets. Put the City of Ramsey water tower in your north sites—which would put the dirt road to the cemetery to your South. Happy Hunting!

From the flagpole walk 42 paces Northwest
until you reach the spot where two Rachels rest.

Walk East until you’ve aged 70 years.

Onward to the Northwest corner to greet 133 of three, A tad further East from here will put you between 131 and 132.

You’re almost there—just 38 more paces East.
108 means you’ve gone to far—110 is where your prize rests in peace.

*** Update 11/16/04 This letterbox was found in a place other than it's hiding space! As one letterboxer described it, it is "pretty well critter chewed," and there is slight water damage. I'll clean it up sometime this weekend (11/19-21/04). Thanks to those who gave updates!

***Update 11/22/04 Letterbox is in a nice new water-tight container and at home in it's hiding place. Many thanks to JM, TM, and The Dr. Onward, hunters!

***Update 4/16/06 Letterbox is back and ready to be found! Happy hunting!

***Update 4/16/06 Letterbox is back and ready to be found! Happy hunting!

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