Tar Kettle  LbNA # 11131 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTeam HowlingCrow    
Placed DateSep 18 2004
LocationLaurelville, OH
Found By PhotoSeeker
Last Found Jul 12 2008
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Tar Kettle
State: Ohio
County: Ross
City: Laurelville
Placed: Sept. 18, 2004
Difficulty: Easy (Bring stamp pad and pencil)

Go to the "General Store" and take a look at the large black pot sitting atop a huge stone slab. Notice the carved grooves in the rock. This is the stone the early settlers used to manufacture pine tar which is how Tar Hollow came to be named. The pine tar was used in many common household applications such as the home manufacture of balms, animal liniments, and lubricants for pioneer wagons and equipment. At the North end of the footbridge go 9 paces at 320 degrees to a bench. At 350 degrees go 24 paces. Psst, hey, watch out for trolls. Rehide discreetly and email us if ya find it!

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