Paige's Tales 6  LbNA # 11136 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 24 2004
LocationAshford, CT
Found By Prairie Girl
Last Found Aug 3 2006
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Paigeís Tales 6

When DíKnou and DíKnuo were asked by DíKnor whether they had seen any sign of the Goblins, their answer was to the negative. What they didnít realize at the time was, had they pressed on a little further that second night, they would have come upon a place where the Living Rock and the Living Trees came together as one. This was a holy place for the Goblins, known as the ĎStead. It was also the seat of their Tribal Council. All of the five Goblin tribes lived in communities surrounding the ĎStead.
Late spring it was, when the Tribal Council called for a meeting of all the Goblins. Since the first thaws they had been plagued by Aboui, The Wood Stalker, which DíKnou and DíKnuo had called the Larent. And so, after much discussion, it was decided that all the tribes should move from the ĎStead, perhaps to return at a later time. While the tribes packed up their lives and belongings, in preparation, a member of each, 1 LíNouri, 1 LíNouki, 1 LíNoudi , 1 LíNouti, and 1 LíNouwi, were dispatched to The Lookout, which had not been used since Trolls had roamed the land, in the distant past. Upon their arrival at The Lookout, the five found an old message box, which had been left from those days of yore.
When all were ready to travel, the Goblins set out, traveling East, down past The Lookout, searching for a new home. As was the way of all the peoples of this world, a message box was left in the ĎStead, for any and all who might come upon it.
The Goblins moved slowly, searching hither and yon, for any place that could accommodate their large numbers. As their way progressed ever downwards, and the trail began to run with small freshets and springs, they came suddenly on a hillside, a huge jumble of boulders and logs, with many a place for the Goblins to find security from Aboui.

Editorís Note: When last I happened down this old way, I came to this place, and as my sight passed over it, I felt peace and welcome enter my heart. Upon searching across this hillside, I came upon 3 message boxes, 1 for each of the LíNouri, the LíNouki, and the LíNoudi. As to what happened to the LíNouti, and the LíNouwi, well, thatís the subject of another tale.
Peter and Paige