The Fool  LbNA # 11146

Placed DateSep 26 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Giant Eyeball!
Last Found Jul 6 2013
Hike Distance?

Alive and well 27 DEC 2004.

White Oak Bayou Trail is a great bicycle/walking trail that follows White Oak Bayou and T.C. Jester Boulevard from 11th Street to Pinemont in Houston, TX. Enjoy walking or bicycling the entire length, but even short walks are enjoyable on this trail.

To find the microbox:
Start at T.C. Jester and 34th Street. Follow White Oak Bayou Trail south for .2 miles and you will see a “Wild Flowers” interpretive sign on the right side of the trail. You should be able to see the back of a sign closer to the road designating the area as “Stonecrest Park”. Continue along the trail for less that a tenth of a mile and you will come to another interpretive sign: “Pretty Proliferation”. Continue past this sign until you come to a guardrail on your left. Across the street is where the Way is United. Turn around and retrace your path back past the light pole and then to a power pole with lines overhead. Follow the lines toward the street until you come to the guy-wires for the next pole. They will be wrapped in a yellow protective covering near the ground. From the base of these guy-wires, walk 12 paces toward the group of trees. You will see a large, flat root running along the ground. The box is between this root and the tree behind it, under a brick and some pine needles. Please be discreet and replace the box so that it is well hidden. Beware of fire ants!