Burke Park  LbNA # 11198

Placed DateSep 26 2004
LocationMadison/Sun Prairie, WI
Found By holki a kluci
Last Found Oct 18 2009
Hike Distance?

We are excited to have planted our very first letterbox in a park that holds many fond memories for our family. You can find Burke Park by taking Reiner Road south off of Hwy 151 between Madison and Sun Prairie. Travel until Nelson Road crosses Reiner Road (1st intersection) and you will see Burke Park on your right just past this intersection.

The next best option is to take the Nelson Road exit from Hwy 151 and proceed East on Nelson Road. Nelson Road will intersect with Reiner Road with Burke Park on the right. Turn right onto Reiner Road to access the Burke Park parking lot.

The hike will be about 15 minutes. Park in the parking lot on the right and begin your short hike by going down the hill and crossing over the footbridge on the right, not the covered bridge leading to the island on the left. Walk along the path which will take you around behind the island and look for the path to intersect with another path to the right. Follow this path off to the right back behind and through the wooded area. Stay on this path, ignoring the path to the left that will "T" with the one you are on. Continuing on this path you will see a bench to the right, you can rest if you want, but your hike is already half over. Soon, you will see the pond on your left and if you watch closely, you will notice yourself walking over a cement culvert under the path at this point. Continue on the path as it winds to the left and just before the path goes through the prairie grass, watch for a "Momma Rhino" and her young baby nestled under her chin just to the right of the path. She is near a large fallen tree that is propped at a steep angle by another tree. Check carefully under the Momma's chin without disturbing either Mom or Baby and you will find what you are looking for. Please hide well when you are finished. We happened to discover that GPS users are also haunting this park, so would like to keep our box well hidden to avoid confusion.

When you are finished you can easily see your way back to your vehicle, but we suggest taking a quick trip over to the top of the island before you leave. There are bathroom facilities in the corner of the building near the tot play area. Stay and enjoy the park and consider bringing a picnic too! This is a great park for kids to explore!

The Puddlejumpers