Turning Over A New Leaf  LbNA # 11221

Placed DateSep 29 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Daisy and Onslow
Last Found Sep 9 2006
Hike Distance?

Alive and well 28 MAR 2005.

This clue is coded as an anagram. Each word has all the right letters, but they are scrambled. Rearrange the letters in each word to decypher the clue.

Ihts oxb si cleadot ni yajeec krap, chihw si no het roncre fo amstise vider dan vowgrodeo treest. eth karp si winith na aear dredbore yb het 106 pool, 1th1 treset, nad c t.. stejer. arkp no eth thosu dise fo teh prak. woofll teh klawside trohn ot hte drecove cinicp raae aner eth graylpound. kool fro a cotreenc kramer tath si bleedla “greatmar rillem droplagun”. hist si swerehome ni eth mesa glaneer reaa sa a enbhc, teh tware toinafun, het stinen scrout nad gyropladun, nad het revecod cinpic bleat. morf hist karmer, og stenyve scape ta styxi greedes (timecang) ot a rete rane eth geed fo het prak. no teh aset deis fo stih reet si a helo. hte crooxmib si ni het leho ta het sabe, verdeco yb slavee. sleepa eb streedic dan utp eth oxmirocb cabk herwe ti si lewl cocleaned.