Railroad Days  LbNA # 11237 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 2 2004
Location???, IN
Planted Bygreenowl    
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 27 2006
Hike Distance?

The Railroad Days letterbox is located in Indiana, where state highways 18 and 43 intersect.

When you arrive find the only stoplight in town. Go 2 blocks east and 1/2 block north and find where the letters come and go.

From here go ____ as the song line says, until you reach the prime street. "Go ____ to Alaska, go ____ the rush is on"

From there go ___ for 2 blocks. As Horace Greeley said, "Go ___, young man and grow up with the country."

At this corner, observe the house to the north with the turret (round tower). Then go the direction the birds fly in the fall for 1 block to find a matching house.

Kitty-corner from this house find where the books come and go.

Observe the old part of the building. Find where the steps used to "ascend to knowledge" from Prairie Street.

Here in the N end of the planter, under evergreens, below the remaining old stairs find the Railroad Days letterbox.

This box is named Railroad Days because the mystery town was founded in 1853 and named for the President of the New Albany & Salem Railroad (later know as the Monon Railroad), in hopes that the railroad would pass through town.

Difficulty: 1, easy Suitable for children.

Terrain: 1, easy, sidewalks for most of the walk or it may be driven. A little reaching is needed to retrieve the box.

I believe this is the first letterbox in White County. There is a clue to the second letterbox inside this box.