Placed DateOct 1 2004
LocationWilliamsport, IN
Planted Bygreenowl    
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Nov 6 2004
Hike Distance?

ILF DII Letterbox Clues

To Warren County they headed one day,
To learn at the library in Williamsport, they say

So start at the main door of WWTPL,
walk down the steps and across toward the jail

Don?t go all the way there but when you?ve crossed the street
Look around for a cannon where people meet

To the cannon, so loudly, you should take your feet
Then head towards its brother but veer down to the street

Continue on downhill, down past ?Our Place?
Just over the tracks find the junction to continue the pace

Go inside the junction, look overhead for the seasons
Turn to the right to find out the reasons

You need to go lower to find the green fence
Go down all the steps, don?t be too dense

Follow the fence to a building with poles and a view
Look for a handle and you?ll know what to do

Under this corner reach up underneath
to find stamper?s treasure and your relief

This box was placed in honor of the Indiana Library Federation District II Conference at the Williamsport Washington Township Public Library, October 1, 2004.

Placed by greenowl and CB. 10/1/04

Difficulty: 1 easy

Terrain: 2: stairs and hills, mostly paved but some gravel. Suitable for children.

I believe this is the first letterbox in Warren County.