Good Times  LbNA # 11251

OwnerTeam Taco    
Placed DateJun 21 2003
LocationDodgeville, WI
Found By starbambi
Last Found Jul 19 2015
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The Great Moments in Pop Music letterbox series is our humble attempt to immortalize those song lyrics that create in the minds of the listener a vivid mental image and the lingering question "What!!??" A perfect example is the tune that lends its name to the first in the series, "Good Times" by Chic. A huge hit in the late 70's, the nation grooved the bass-heavy toe-tapper, but those who actually listened to the words heard the line "Clams on the half-shell and rollerskates, rollerskates" and were promptly baffled. This letterbox commemorates that bewildering little lyric for those who care to find it.


The letterbox can be found at Governor Dodge State Park. When you enter the park go straight (follow the sign that leads toward Twin Valley campground). There will be a parking area for Stephens Falls on your right.
Begin your search at the point from which Stephen's Falls springs.
Follow the water as far as you can, then follow the fence until it takes you to a stoney stairway which in turn will bring you to the bottom of the falls.
After enjoying the view, search for the subterranean triple-pronged anomally somewhere on the Eastern side of the creek. You will then continue in the exact opposite direction of its points.
Cross a bridge for each letter "s" found in the name of the waterfall.
When you find yourself in a rocky valley, look for the largest rock on the right side of the trail. Walk up its ramp, stand near its point and turn around. Locate something that appears to be a tiny cave at 130*.
-OR, if you don't have a compass:
Directly across from this rock is another rock that bears a resemblance to the profile of either a hippo or a whale, depending on your imagination. Site the cave using this rock. It can be found in a direct line uphill from its "nose."

*Be sure to wear shoes that can handle rocky terrain and exercise extra caution if the moss-covered rocks are damp.*
Please e-mail us if this box needs maintenance, as we will not be able to check on it very often. Thanks!