The Unicorn Song Series  LbNA # 11256

Placed DateOct 1 2004
LocationSkowhegan, ME
Found By Chiarell
Last Found Jul 29 2013
Hike Distance?

This series is located in the Lake George Regional Park West. It is off Route 2 in Skowhegan. Enter the gate and park in the lot on the left. The trail is steep at some points, both up and down, and not good for strollers due to rough trails. There are blazes along the way, but they can sometimes be quite a distance apart. Keep your eyes sharp on the look out for the blazes. Maps of these trails can be obtained in Skowhegan at the Chamber of Commerce building next to Aubuchon Hardware. You can also get a map of the East side of the park at the Chamber, if you plan to do the Giving Tree Series. This is a long hike and will take about an hour. Use your own judgement about bring small children, as some of the trails are steep. Not dangerous, just a long way up. There is a picnic area beside the lake for you to enjoy. During the summer months there is a fee to enter this portion of the park.

From the parking lot walk towards the lake. The park office will be on your left. Go up the steps between the park office and the bathrooms and you will enter a clearing with a tennis court on the right. Cross the clearing and take the path on the left (the one without the little bridge). Go up the hill until you come to some buildings. Between these two buildings is a sign for the Foster Hill Trail. Take this trail.

Go up the trail a ways until you see a tree that has fallen and is crossing over the trail above. Shortly after passing under this tree you will come to 2 boulders on your right. Directly in front of you is a tree with a white blaze. Look under the second of the 2 boulders on the right for the Green Alligator Letterbox.

Continue on the trail, through a rock-lined section and another fallen tree reaching over the path. This one looks like an upside down U. Shortly after this tree you will see a large, multi pronged maple on your left. Behind this tree is a large boulder with a rock on top. In the back of this boulder under some rocks is the Long Necked Geese Letterbox.

Back to the trail. You will pass a sign for the Moose trail on your right. Continue on the Foster Hill Trail. This is a steep section of the trail. Be Prepared! When you have reached the top (YEAH!) You will see a tree that has fallen and been cut into sections. One section is in the shape of a V. In the junction of the V, in the back under some smaller logs is the Humpty Back Camel Letterbox.

On the trail again. After a short while you will come upon Porcupine Trail on the right. Turn here (you will see a boulder on your left that looks like it was cut in half). Continue down this path. Be careful!! It is as steep down as it was up. Watch on your left for a hand made log bench about 10 feet from the trail. Behind this bench is a boulder and in a crevice in the back of this boulder is the Chimpanzee Letterbox.

Back to the trail. You will see the Muir Trail on your right. Stay to the left to follow the Porcupine trail. Go through a small boulder field. At this point the trail gets a little harder to follow, but you will want to bear left after the boulders to stay on the trail. It looks a little like a dry creek bed, or a carpet of rocks. About half way down you will see a big boulder of your left and the first white blaze of this section on a tree in front of you. Look behind the boulder for a white-faced rock. Underneath that white-faced rock is the Cat Letterbox.

Continue on the trail. At the bottom the trail bears right and then right again. At this second small right you will have in front of you a tree with a white blaze with a boulder in front of it. With the blaze on your left, look right for a 4-pronged tree. Nestled in the nest of the prongs is the Rat Letterbox. You may need a stick or long arms to get this one.

Back on the path. You will pass through a section that seems to be lined with boulders. On the last boulder on the right is a white blaze. Directly across the path from this blazed boulder is a clump of boulders and a small tree. Go to the back of these and look around the base of the tall stone for the Elephant Letterbox.

On to the last box. Continue on the trail until you come to the intersection of 3 trails. You want to take the Hemlock trail. Notice the change in the forest. Like entering the enchanted woods! At about 38 paces from the Hemlock Trail sign there will be a large stump on the left side of the trail. Stand at this stump and take a reading of 180 degrees. Look for the tree with a flat rock at its base. This is where you will find the Unicorn Letterbox. As you stamp in, look across the trail and up the hill. There is a clearing there that on a sunny day just about glows. A large tree shines white and you can imagine the Unicorns playing there when they once roamed the land.

Continue on this trail and it will bring you back to the buildings. You can follow the steps down and across the little bridge to the clearing where you began. Enjoy the hike and watch for Unicorns! You never know