Instant Gratification Holiday  LbNA # 11288

Placed DateOct 3 2004
LocationGresham, OR
Planted ByThe Brat Pack    
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Nov 13 2007
Hike Distance?

Just what you've been looking for, another Brat Pack orginal. The box holds a log book and two sets of stamps. One set is carved by Pupp and one by Maiden. They are holiday related and will change every month. So be sure to check back here often and collect them all :)

Currently Starring:
New Year's Bear by Pupp
Happy Birthday Pooh Bear by Maiden
Groundhogs Day by Pupp
Young Love by Maiden
Lucky Charms by Pupp (bring lots of color for this one)
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss by Maiden
(These stamps will be left there until the end of March, then they will all be pulled and only April's stamps will be there next month)

This box was relocated after park modifications exposed it and it became vandalized. It's new location is a bit more of a walk, but hey, we're in this for the excercise aren't we?

To the Trailhead:
Gresham Butte Saddle Trail 1.27 Miles
The lush 1.27-mile trail starts at S.E. 19th Drive at Meadow Court. The trail climbs up and over the saddle between two buttes (Gresham Butte to the north and Gabbert Hill to the south) and connects to S.W. 19th. Parking is available on S.E. 19th. Parking is not available on S.W. 19th.

To get to SE 19th, take Hogan to Regents, take a left on Regents, cross the Springwater Trail, at the top of the hill take a right on to 19th. The trail head is NOT very well marked, no signs but if you watch for it off to your right it's obvious a trailhead.

To the box:
Since this is the Instant Gratification box, the clues are not going to be tricky..

Head down the trail to the Y. Take the left trail, it will lead up hill. It's a gentle climb. From the "Y" take 550 steps. Now look off to your left, there should be a 7 trunked tree with a game (geocache?) trail just past it. Head up the game trail so you can get behind the tree. The box is hidden in the roots of the tree.

Please let me know if this area starts looking overused. The game trail was pretty pronounced and headed up the hill, but we don't want to do any damange to the environment and I would rather move the box than have that happen!

Thank you and enjoy.