National Park Seminary  LbNA # 11289 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 3 2004
LocationSilver Spring, MD
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****This letterbox was reported missing 6/21/05. We no longer live in the area. If we get a chance, we will replace it****

To get to National Park Seminary:
From 495
Take exit 31b, Georgia Ave. to Silver Spring.
Make a RIGHT on Seminary Road (not Seminary Place) and go straight through one traffic light and continue straight onto Linden Lane.
Proceed approx. 1 mile, following the curve of Linden Lane to the right. Go 1 block to the parking lot on the left hand side just before the stop sign at Woodstock Ave.

National Park Seminary (also known as Forest Glen Seminary) was a girls' finishing school in the late 1800's - early 1900's. Currently (to the best of my knowledge) it is owned by the Army and is part of Walter Reed Medical Center. However in fall of 2004, it is supposed to be turned over to a developer to be turned into residential housing. To learn more about the Seminary go to I've found that if you click on "History" you can get a lot of information and a fairly good map of the grounds. At this time, there are signs posted that you are not supposed to be on the grounds after 7 p.m.

****Update 6 May 05*** National Park Seminary is now owned by Montgomery County and is currently being renovated to be turned into mostly residential housing. Some directions may not be able to be followed exactly due to the construction. We no longer live in the area and unfortunately can not know what the contruction is currently allowing for the directions. Sorry! Last we heard, the box is still present. Please let us know if it is missing.

Clues to the letterbox (this hike is moderately difficult, the paths are uneven and overgrown at times):
Go to the Japanese Pagoda. Go down the stairs at the southeast corner of the Pagoda. Go straight ahead and go up the stairs. Turn LEFT and go down the path to the Main Fountain. Go down the stairs between the two lions (they might not be there, but you should be able to tell where they normally are). Continue down the path past the Windmill and the Colonial house, go straight until there is a drop off in front of you and turn RIGHT down the stairs and walk along the side of the Colonial house (the side of the Colonial house should be on your right and a drop off is on your left). Stay on the path and go past the Castle to the wider cement path. Turn LEFT down the path until you are even with the turret on the castle that is by a big pine tree and go up the stairs. Walk through a fairly small courtyard. Go up the stairs that are in front of the Villa. Turn LEFT down the path go straight until you are in a field and turn LEFT again, walk around the Statue of Justice (her back is to you) and go down the stairs and continue down the path. At the bottom of the path, turn LEFT and go across a small stone bridge. There will be a cement bench with a stone alcove that used to have a statue in it. Facing the bench, look to the RIGHT about 7 feet off the path to a tree stump. Your prize in the roots of the stump.