Sporty's Play Day  LbNA # 11302

Placed DateOct 3 2004
LocationPacific Grove, CA
Planted Bymtnbikemanns    
Found By Betsy @ The Summit
Last Found Dec 23 2015
Hike Distance?

I, Sporty, went out for a ride one morning for a play day. My very devoted owners drove me on a busy Hwy alongside the Pacific Ocean. I hung my head out the window taking in the smell of salt air, sand, and cypress trees. My cherished owner's turned right on a road that said Hwy 68 to Pacific Grove. They drove up and down a curvy road till they came to Pacific Grove. The world's best owners then took a left on David Ave. and a right on Congress Ave. My greatest owners drove straight until they came to Forest Grove School. Then they quickly hung a U turn at the school and drove back the way they came. My beloved owners parked in front of Rip Van Winkle Park on the rightside of the road. My wonderful owners then told me that this was a doggy park and that I was free to run to my hearts content. "For a Jack Russell Terrier this was a dream come true." So when my precious owners opened the door I bolted for the trail.

I ran between 3 wooden benches, spotted a bird and chased after it to a trail left of a pole with a 13 on it. I took a speedy right by a power pole at the end of the trail, but it wasn't speedy enough, I lost the bird.

Strolling down the trail, taking in the sites, I noticed a raccoon by a tree with a big M on it. I quickly took a right to join up with him. We raced past a tree with an O on it and took a left at a Y in the trail, but the raccoon was too fast and I needed a rest. The next thing I knew the raccoon was no where to be found.

Wearily, I gazed straight ahead on the trail and thought I spotted the ring tail bandit by a long fallen dead pine tree. I sprinted past the dead pine tree supported in air by another tree to a 4 way intersection in the trail. It was here that I spied a squirrel. The furry little creature was playing by a tree with a big N on it. I knew that squirrels could be very fast, so I decided to sneak up on him. Hiding behind the tree with N on it, I slowly snuck around it to the left at 240 degrees, then with 10 quick precise steps I launched myself over a fallen log. There sat that squirrel with a snide look on his face. He was sitting on top of a hollowed out tree stump at 180 degrees. He was mine for the taking, so I made my move. I jumped on the rotten tree and landed with my rump stuck in the stump!

Well, you can quess what happened next , that darn squirrel got away! Please can you find me and return me to my very devoted, cherished, worlds best and greatest most beloved, wonderful, precious owner's that I forgot back at the car.

A tribute to our Jack Russell Terrier, Sporty.

Also, the 17 mile drive letterbox is nearby, so you might want to look it up at the same time.