Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page STS 51-L Redux  LbNA # 11313

OwnerWry Me    
Placed DateOct 3 2004
LocationWebster, TX
Planted ByHawk    
Found By Clearlakegirlscout
Last Found Mar 26 2016
Hike Distance?

The image is new for the STS 51L box and more closely represents the subject of both the park and the intent of the original owner, Hawk. The logbook & box are new; only the location is the same, so consider it a new find.

This letterbox is located in Challenger Seven Memorial Park in Webster/League City, TX. Park near the entrance to the Mother Earth Sculpture Nature Trails – Boardwalk. Follow the asphalt trail past the Mother Earth Sculpture and to the boardwalk. At the beginning of the boardwalk, look to your right and you will see a trail (not the one that goes parallel to the boardwalk or the faint trail to the right of that). Take this well-traveled trail. Remain on the main trail, bearing left at the first intersection, until you come to an intersection with a large white oak tree, swing, and BSA ground plaque with an arrow on it. From the plaque, take the right trail for 50 steps and you will see another BSA plaque on the ground saying “Friendly 3/8 mile”. Go another 45 steps and you will see a four-trunked tree on the right side of the trail. Ahead and to the right (20 degrees magnetic) will be a large tree. It is about 15 steps off the trail. The letterbox is on the back side of the tree, covered with sticks, etc. Please be discreet and re-cover the box well so that it is not visible from the trail.