Court Jester  LbNA # 11351

OwnerEli and Aubrey    
Placed DateSep 26 2004
Location???, GA
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 14 2008
Hike Distance?

Court Jester

First, find a county that was once part of Jackson County, is one of three counties in Georgia named for signers of the Declaration of
Independence, and is named for the only of the three who died in a duel.

Find the site of the very first court proceedings that ever took place in this county.

Once you have found the place, go to the calaboose (no, not caboose). Go to the rear of the calaboose and stand with your back to the
small window. Look ahead and a little to your right. You will see a larger building with a large walnut tree to it's left. Go to that building and
walk down the left wall of it past the side entrance and to the back left corner. You will see an exterior electrical outlet. The box is behind
the outlet underneath the building on top of the foundation framing. You may need to be discreet, but you should be able to get out of sight
behind the building if you need to. It is a beautiful area, enjoy the history and the architecture.

Also, once you have determined the location, you may want to check the schedule for the site. There are very occasionally events on the property which might make stamping in a challenge.

We hope you enjoy the area and the box. Please rehide well and as usual, be careful and discreet. Thanks!

Eli and Aubrey