Echo Rock  LbNA # 11360

Placed DateOct 3 2004
LocationLake Delton, WI
Found By Susanscotfry
Last Found Oct 12 2013
Hike Distance?

This is a very short hike, with a very nice overlook. You can find this box on the Echo Rock Hiking Trail in the Mirror Lake State Park. This hike is less than half an hour total, unless of course you really like the view and stay longer!

We suggest taking I-90/94 towards the Dells and take Exit 92 which is Hwy 12. Follow Hwy 12 towards the west a short distance and you will see a sign for Mirror Lake State Park and will need to turn right onto Fern Dell Road. Go a distance and you will see the park entrance and office on the right. Entrance to the park does require a fee. A Yearly or day pass can be purchased for $20/$5 for residents or $30/$10 for non-residents.

Once in the park follow on past the office into the park along the drive. You will be taking the park drive almost to the end where you will find a circle camping area and a barrier free cabin. If you have driven to the cabin, you have gone too far. You need to look for a small parking lot on the left of the drive and the Echo Rock Trail head is on the right of the drive. It is well marked, so you shouldn't have any trouble spotting it. The first part of the trail is asphalt.

Take the trail into the woods and before long, you will come to a lookout area with a wooden guard fence. Enjoy the view and then follow the trail off to the right and then left to the Echo Rock. You can climb up on the rock and enjoy the view and you can circle around the base of the rock. The kids really wanted to hide our box in one of the many crevices in the rock, but we thought it might be too public. After enjoying the views, return to the trail and go to your left, so you are not returning the same way that you came. After you go a distance you will be out of sight of Echo Rock and will come to a three-sectioned wooden guard fence on the left side of the trail. From the last fence post walk off 30 steps down the trail. At this point look to the left of the trail for two logs from a fallen tree and look around the back side of the stump. There is a hole at the base of the stump covered with another piece of wood. You will find what your are looking for in that hole, but may need to give it a little tug to get it out.

Please stamp in and hide very well, covering the hole to protect the box from the elements. You can then continue on the path in the direction you were going and you will return to the park drive where your vehicle is in sight.

The Puddlejumpers and KDkadiddlehopper

Additional note: On our visit to check on this Box in March, we found the Park drive to the Echo Rock Overlook trail blocked, presumably for the Winter months. It is still easy enough to reach with a short hike of about 3/4 of a mile from the Nature Trail parking area. Please refer to a Park map to see this clearly. When we checked on the box, the park was very quiet and we parked near the telephone for the short time we were there. You can see the telephone on the map as well. You could also try parking in the lot near the boat ramp and follow the hiking trail that leads directly to the Echo Rock Hiking Trail. This would be a shorter hike, but we haven't walked this trail ourselves.