Quest for Happiness (Retired 9-30-05)  LbNA # 11417 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 7 2004
LocationPrairie Village, KS
Planted ByPUPPYLUV    
Found By Pond & Roses People
Last Found Jul 21 2005
Hike Distance?

You will need a compass and a Kansas City map--unless you are very well acquainted with the suburban parks and streets.

DISTANCE: 1/4 mile; easy

It was, in England, the best of times. Legendary King Arthur ruled and peace filled the land. The King summoned his knights and they sat together at the Round Table.

King Arthur spoke, “At my bidding the enchanter, Merlin, has sent you on some very creative quests. You found the White Stag. You found the Green Knight. And now you are searching for the Holy Grail. But there is another quest which you must undertake--and, I tell you, you must set aside your search for the Holy Grail and take this up immediately. I am sending you on a Quest for Happiness. Go...and dare not return until you can tell me what brings special

“How do we know where to begin?” the knights asked.

King Arthur turned to Merlin and waited for the answer. Merlin thought long and hard until his mind reached future days--the happenings of which he could only guess. Then he answered, “Go to that place which bears the surname of an English king who will one day abdicate the throne for the sake of happiness with his beloved Duchess.”

The band of knights mounted their steeds and set out. They arrived by traveling east of mission roads which were rutted from centuries of travel. At their destination, they guided their mounts onto the south path and proceeded at a heading of 270 degrees. The path quickly veered to the north. As they continued on, they passed a distant bridge. They were mystified--why a bridge?...why a solid lining of some foreign substance? There was no water in sight! But a local country gentleman from Canterbury overheard them and warned them to beware, for a sudden storm could swell the waters to drastic heights.

When they arrived at the second bridge, they came to a halt. One of the knights, Yadhtrib (Olde English--the “Y” has the soft “g” sound, as in “joy; the “h” is silent), was determined to cross over, but the others could see a third bridge in the distance and they were convinced they must travel to that farthest bridge. Yadhtrib insisted that every time he looked to the other side of this bridge he felt a tug at his heart. He also said that since they had arrived at this place he had seen, with his mind’s eye, a wide smile moving back and forth in rhythmic fashion. Surely, he argued, the smile was all the approval his decision needed. It must be a clue to solving their quest for happiness!

The knights longed for their Round Table so they could settle the question, but the only thing at hand was a rectangular table. They sat down, with Yadhtrib on the west side, looking east. Yadhtrib again felt a tug at his heart. This time his mind’s eye saw a small forest with an over-arching locust tree!

When he told the knights, they were incredulous! “A forest? A locust tree?!”

“Yes,” Yadhtrib answered, “I am certain such a tree brought happy childhood memories that are in some way connected to the smile I sensed in this place.”

A very observant knight wasted no time. He mounted his steed, crossed the second bridge and continued on at a heading of 90 degrees. The others followed. They traveled through the pines and didn’t even hesitate when they came to Y’s in the path. They always knew how to go ahead, for their destination was at a heading of approximately 135 degrees.

They arrived at a “mini-forest” which was growing just before a great wide crossing. And there, under leaves, under sticks, under stones, under locust pods--all of which lay under the south side of a huge spreading locust tree--lay a special box. Cautiously, secretly the knights uncovered the box and learned the reason for great happiness!

They celebrated! And before they returned to King Arthur, they returned the box to its covered location so others could also enjoy this special quest for happiness!