The Power of Water  LbNA # 11437 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 7 2004
LocationFort Collins, CO
Planted ByWilderwomn    
Found By No No Girl's Brother
Last Found Oct 25 2004
Hike Distance?

Currently this box is lost... 5/27/05

This letterbox is the fourth in the "Art in Public Places" Fort Collins letterbox series. You will need a compass for this hunt. Oh, and bring your own ink pad also.

Here are your clues:

1. This street (actually a "drive") bears the name of the U.S. President who graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers College.

2. You can find the name of the largest and nearest cross street in the sentence in clue #1 above, but you don't really need to...

3. From this location you should be able to locate this art in public places installment. Take a few minutes to enjoy it and what it honors.

4. Once you’ve found it, stand back to back with the man with the dog.

5. You will see a small tree directly in your line of sight. Walk to it.

6. Once at this small tree, stand so that the tree is south of you (in back of you) and you are facing north.

7. Take a compass bearing of 21 degrees to find a large tree. Walk to it.

8. From left side of the tree take a 9 degree bearing.

9. Walk 22 paces and you should find yourself mid-path. Watch out for bikes!

10. Another 7 paces should bring you to something that towers above you, but is not a tree.

11. From here, take a compass bearing of 262 degrees.

12. Walk 44 paces to just about the only place you could hide a letterbox in this vicinity. Look closely and you will find it!

If you want, leave a note for my 6 year old daughter, Rosegirl. Maybe let her know what city/state you live in. She will love it. And if you want, send an email when you find the box. Thanks.

Please be discreet, this is a pretty public place. Re-hide it well!

A handmade journal
A hand-carved stamp

Placed by Wilderwomn and Rosegirl and The Buddies