The Higbee Country Challenge  LbNA # 11452

Placed DateOct 2 2004
LocationHigbee, MO
Planted ByThe Gardener    
Found By Family of Beachcombers
Last Found May 13 2016
Hike Distance?

Drive to Higbee, Missouri, just north of Colombia and near Moberly, Mo. From the flagpole in the center of Randolph and Division Streets, go down Division St. past the Higbee Christian Church and follow the rock road past the Higbee City Lake sign to the bottom of the hill. Turn right at the 2560/2570 road markers about 1 1/2 miles from the flagpole and park near the train bridge on a wide spot on the road (to avoid local traffic). You'll notice the bridge is supported by a large concrete pier on one side of the road and a small concrete pier on the other. Find the iron girder that goes directly into the ground. The letterbox is inside this girder under an iron plate and a few stones. Be sure to cover the box well when returning so the local teenagers won't find it.
Notes: Enjoy the countryside and the quaint little town of Higbee. Watch for wild turkey and deer which are very plentiful in the area. But do not drive through if there is standing water on the road.