That'll Do, Dan  LbNA # 11475

Placed DateOct 9 2004
CountyRio Blanco
LocationMeeker, CO
Found By sewasong
Last Found Jul 3 2014
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The small, quiet town of Meeker, Colorado has a colorful and surprising history, including the last major Indian Uprising in the Ute War of 1887. But the event that causes me to return to this lovely green place year after year is the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials. The event is held annually in September, the first Wednesday through Sunday after Labor Day. Associated events include a daily crafts fair, food booths, weekend pancake breakfasts, and a Sunday noon lamb barbeque. Entertainment also includes dog exhibitions and bagpipe music.

Through careful crossbreeding a dog possessing superior athletic ability, a light and quick movement, a canny livestock sense and a tractable temperament sensitive to a handler’s will but independent enough to work without constant direction emerged. In 1894, in Northumbria, on the English/Scottish border, Adam Tefler introduced the first of what would become known as the modern Border Collie.

If you have a chance to attend the dog trials, you will be breathless at the quiet bond between handler and dog. Through whistles, gestures and quiet words they work as one gathering, guiding, penning and separating sheep. Sheep that don't WANT to be gathered, guided, penned and separated! "Lie down, come by, way to me, look back, walk up, that'll do"... the dogs understand and react to each with quick, precise movements, their eyes never leaving the sheep.

In the town of Meeker you will find a statue created for these incredible dogs called, 'That'll Do'. Near the statue is the amazing White River Museum, which is housed in the officer's quarters from the Indian Post days. The museum is brimming with rooms overflowing with artifacts and antiques from Meeker's history. The ladies in the museum have a wonderful knowledge of the treasures within and the history of the area.

To find the letterbox, enter the museum, take the door to the left and walk a few steps to the personal writing desk which came from the Meeker Hotel. Sign the guest book, then look behind the yellow 'Guest Sign In' sign.

The museum is open mid-May through mid-November:
9-5 Monday through Friday
10-5 Saturday and Sunday
The rest of the year:
11-3 Friday and Saturday

Please enjoy the museum while you're there! And, although the letterbox is 'hands-on', please remember that everything else in the museum is strictly, 'do not touch!'

Hand-carved stamp
Handmade journal
(no stamp pad or pen)