"Laret's" Dam Letterbox  LbNA # 11479

Placed DateOct 9 2005
LocationAsheville, NC
Found By lasudds
Last Found Mar 10 2009
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"Laret's" Dam Letterbox

"Laret's" Dam Letterbox
Placed by Larry and Janet
October 9, 2005
ASheville, NC

From I-26 in Asheville, NC, take Exit 33 to the Blue Ridge Parkway. At the Parkway entrance, off of Hwy. 191, you will come to the NC Arboretum.

Proceed to the gate. There is a fee of $6.00/carload, but the Arboretum is a beautiful place and well worth the fee. If you have bicylces, bring them along, as there are excellent bike trails, as well as hiking trails.

Once inside, watch for signs for the Greenhouses. Park in the greenhouse parking lot and walk or ride your bike back down the hill a very short distance. On the left you will see Callbox #3. Travel down Wolf Branch Road to the bottom.

Turn left on Bent Creek Ranch Road. Just after crossing a small bridge, look for Rocky Cove Rd. on the right.

Follow Rocky Cove Rd. to the end. Here you will have three choice. To the left is Owl Ridge Rd. Straight ahead is for Authorized Vehicles Only. To the right is a gate. Go through the gate.

After proceeding though the gate listen for babbling water and look for an old concrete dam on the left. (From the gate to the spot you turn to the left off the path is about 120 steps)

Proceed through the thicket to the dam.

Look below the last steel rail support on the far right. You will find the LETTERBOX there.

Enjoy and on your way out, be sure to stop at the gardens and check out the Quilt garden, which changes on a regular basis.