What Exit?  LbNA # 11482

Placed DateOct 9 2004
Location???, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

There is a gag that goes like this: “Oh, you’re from New Jersey? What exit?” Just so you know, we who are from NJ do not find this funny. At any rate, in order to find these letterboxes, you will have to figure out the exit number for each destination and then do the math.

Both boxes are located along the Garden State Parkway. One box is on the Northbound side, the other is on the Southbound side. These are the first stamps carved by War. Because of the high volume of traffic (pun well intended) in the area of the boxes, please make sure to be very discreet. It would be best to take the boxes to your car to stamp in. Be sure to bag everything exactly as found (or better). Thanks.

Box #1- What Exit? North (checked by placer 10/20/06- alive & well)
Next to each destination,write the Northbound exit number you would use for each of the following places:
A. Lucy the Elephant
B. Double Trouble State Park
C. Seaside Heights
D. Jenkinson’s Pavilion, Point Pleasant
E. Six Flags Great Adventure
F. Twin Lights of Navesink
G. PNC Bank Arts Center
I. Edison National Historic Site
J. Yogi Berra Museum
K. New Jersey Children’s Museum

Just after Exit # (E+F+A+K+I+G+3)- (H+J+D+B+C), stop and rest. Turn into the parking lot and find a sign listing the hours for commuter parking. Stand at the Ride Share information sign. The box is nestled in the first tree on the hill. You found it? What exit?

Box #2- What Exit? South (Checked by the placer 10/20/06- Alive & well)
Next to each destination, write the Southbound exit number you would use for each of the following places: (Keep in mind the exit numbers for the same destination may be different from the Northbound exits.)
A. Cape May
B. Morey’s Pier Wildwood
C. Lucy the Elephant
D. Atlantic City Casinos
E. Popcorn Park Zoo
F. Double Trouble State Park
G. Seaside Heights
H. Six Flags Great Adventure
I. Jenkinson’s Pavilion Point Pleasant
J. Ocean Grove Auditorium
K. Monmouth Park
L. PNC Bank Arts Center
M. Twin Lights of Navesink
N. Old Bridge Raceway
P. Edison National Historic Site
Q. Yogi Berra Museum
R. Giants Stadium
S. New Jersey Children’s Museum

Just after Exit # (D+I+L+S+E+J+N+R)- (B+F+K+O+C+G+M+Q), take a rest. Find the larger of two gazebos and park. Head South to the end of the parking lot. Follow the guardrail West until it comes to a fence and a driveway. Walk between the fence and the guardrail on a narrow paved path. When you reach the end of the path, examine the end of the guardrail. You found it? What exit?

Please use “Contact the Placer” and let us know when you find the boxes. Thanks.