Molly Lake  LbNA # 11485 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2004
LocationRed Feather Lakes, CO
Found By MileHighFive
Last Found May 27 2012
Hike Distance?

The Molly Lake Letterbox is planted in one of our favorite spots. The box is about an hour north of Fort Collins, but well worth the drive and there are several things to do in the village once you get there.

Kid friendly, fairly flat trail appx 1/2 mile walk.
Dogs on leash permitted.

To get to trail head from Fort Collins:
- Take College avenue (HWY 287) north.
-Turn west at mile marker 367 or the "utensil in the road"
-Pass marker 24 (You can turn north here to get to historic village.)
-On the right you will pass the famous "FatStove"
-Turn Left at the "FatStove" or CR162
-Continue appx 2miles
-Pull into the Molly Lake trail head parking area on the left.

At Trail Head:
-Go east through gate.
-You will pass one and three.
-You will pass the first "nice boulder" (pop quiz: who says "That's a nice boulder?")
-You will pass a 2nd "nice double boulder"
-On the right is a CCC Ditch
-The third and last boulder field will be on your left, pass this a bit.
-Facing 9B set your compass to 120 degrees go 30 paces (and if you want, 60 degrees from next unmarked stake.)
-There is a really nice big rock. On the right side of the rock is a itty bitty cave and the box is inside.
-Please leave a note and rehide box well. If you want you may contact us to let us know the condition of the box.
-Be sure to visit the village. There is a wonderful gift shop called Hilltop (super cool gifts) and across the "street" is an internet cafe (I kid you not.) The Red Feather Cafe has the best hamburgers. Mama Javalina used to own the video store :-) In the summer there is fishing, hiking and camping especially at Dowdy Lake. In the winter there is skating, skiing and tubing (all rentable at the lodge) at Beaver Meadows. Just go past the FatStove on Creedmore Lakes Road. This is a village that Estes never was. Enjoy.