Tank's First Campout  LbNA # 11487

Placed DateOct 9 2004
LocationNewport, OR
Found By the poodle dudes
Last Found Aug 27 2009
Hike Distance?

Tank, the little yellow piddle pup, went on her first camp out here. She thought that cooking outside and eating raw carrots under the picnic table was fun. It was also fun to sit with her people at a campfire even though she didn't understand why her tail couldn't get near it. The best fun of all was sleeping in a tent with the pack. This was a fun trip for the whole family.

Park in the beach access area of South Beach State Park. Find the "Leashes Required" sign and start walking. Go about 200 steps down the tail. To the left, Pupp thought that some lab puppy had been here eating a red nerf ball. Upon closer inspection, Pupp figured out that they were mushrooms. Look under the canopy and see two trees with four trunks together. In the middle of the roots, under some debris is the box.

Insert Pupp's usual disclaimers here.

Happy Boxing - and remember to hug your dog!
Team Nashoba