AIM Letterbox  LbNA # 11511

Placed DateOct 9 2004
LocationCornwall, CT
Planted ByRush Gatherer    
Found By Rock Island
Last Found Oct 6 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 6 2015

AIM Letterbox

The American Indian Movement (AIM) was founded to turn the attention of Indian people toward a renewal of spirituality which would impart the strength of resolve needed to reverse the ruinous policies of the United States, Canada, and other colonialist governments of Central and South America. At the heart of AIM is deep spirituality and a belief in the connectedness of all Indian people.

During the past thirty years, The American Indian Movement has organized communities and created opportunities for people across the Americas and Canada. AIM is headquartered in Minneapolis - itís founding place - with chapters in many other cities, rural areas and Indian Nations.

Over the years, as AIM and itís organizations have grown, they have continued to serve the community from a base of Indian culture. Before AIM in 1968, culture had been weakened in most Indian communities due to U.S. policy, the American boarding schools and all the other efforts to extinguish Indian secular and spiritual life. Now, many groups cannot remember a time without culture. This great revival has also helped to restore spiritual leaders and elders to their former positions of esteem for the wisdom and the history they hold.

All of these actions are in concert with the principles of AIM and came into being at this time in history because Indian people have refused to relinquish their sovereign right to exist as free and uncolonized people.

Excerpts from: A Brief History of the American Indian Movement
by Laura Waterman Wittstock and Elaine J. Salinas

From the "Strattman Homestead" at Mohawk State Forest take the southerly road. Soon youíll pass a large rounded bedrock outcrop on the left. Be sure to watch your speed. Donít take the hard road, wait until you reach the grassy area & climb the gradual grassy slope to the top of this large outcrop. Note the fire pit and the split down the center of the outcrop.

From the north eastern side atop the outcrop locate a trail heading in a south easterly direction to a chest high boulder in the trail. From the boulder take a reading of 50* and go to juncture behind 2 flat large slabs of rock. Look under small rock for the AIM Letterbox.