Oakwood Cemetery  LbNA # 11516

Placed DateSep 26 2004
LocationAustin, TX
Found ByWalksfar
Last UpdateJun 28 2014


"These beautiful grounds are the tranquil resting-place for over 23,000 people, including Governor James Hogg and his daughter Ima. The architect who designed the Governor's mansion, Abner Cook , rests here along with the first person who was ever buried in this cemetery in 1839—when Texas was still called the Republic of Texas. This is Austin's oldest cemetery and despite its location (near the Interstate), it is surprisingly peaceful. With beautiful trees and old iron adornments this is a unique place to take a walk."(travel.yahoo.com)

Oakwood Cemetery
Hours: 9-6 daily
1601 Navasota
Directions from Waco: Exit M.L.K./15th St. (#236-B). Stay in left lane. Go right under overpass at 15th St. and I-35 feeder road. You will end up on I-35 feeder road north bound. Get into the far right lane. Take a right onto 16th St. (street before you get to Denny's). Street dead-ends at entrance.
Directions from San Antonio: Exit 15th/ M.L.K. (#235A). Get into far right lane of I-35 feeder road. Take a right onto 16th St. (street before you get to Denny's). Street dead-ends at entrance.

From the Oakwood Cemetery entrance at the corner of 16th and Navasota find the Office a short way up on your left.
Take the gravel road to the right of the office. Walk northwards down this road until you reach an intersection. Beth Israel Cemetery 2 will be on your right and two large oak trees will be on your left. Continue forward for 48 paces. This should get you to a grassy walkway between the Howard plot (concrete curb) and the Hendricks plot (granite curb).
Follow the grassy path west for 31 paces.
You should find yourself standing under a live oak tree. If you see Baby Girard with a broken urn you are in the right place. Baby Girard rests in a plot surrounded by a concrete curb that has pedestals topped with domes at the corners. The dome right in front of you is not sealed to its pedestal. Move the dome and you will find the Oakwood Cemetery Letterbox resting in peace inside.