Burrow Cemetery 2.0  LbNA # 11521 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 9 2004
LocationGallaway, TN
Found By foxfriend
Last Found Dec 3 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 3 2015

Burrow Cemetery 2.0

Hello Letterboxers! I am a geocacher by trade/hobby/obsession, and I was intrigued by your hobby! Letterboxing is not very big around Memphis, but Geocaching is. In the interests of reaching out to our fellow hobbyists, I have added a letterbox stamp to my geocache, located near Burrow Cemetery in Gallaway TN. To reach it, go northeast from Memphis on the highway numbered the same as the two digit year in which Len Dawson was MVP of the Super Bowl. Pass through my lovely little town of Arlington, then watch for the sign for Gallaway TN. There are other signs in Gallaway that you should pay attention to also. They have numbers on them and the word "limit." Pay very close attention to them if you don't want to "donate" to the Gallaway city coffers.

About 1.2 miles after the "Welcome to Gallaway" sign, you will approach another Hwy sign, an intersection is approaching. This highway is the same number as the home run that Mickey Mantle hit off Tom Morgan at Kansas City on 11 July 1957 (i.e., Mantle hit 536 in his career, this one was number xxx). This highway goes right, but you want to go left, on the road named after your destination. Enjoy the drive past some nice houses and small farms. The cemetery will come up on your left, right after a short roller coaster ride! ***This will be very slick in icy conditions!*** There's a way to come in from the other direction if the roads are slick, but I'll let you find that. Next to the main entrance to cemetery is a big, old tree. You can park underneath it. If you came at the tree straight from the road, and didn't turn the wheel, your car is probably pointing right at the box! There are lots of these nearby still upright, including the one you parked under, but this one is now horizontal and in big pieces. You'll find the box behind one of the big pieces, nicely camouflaged and covered with leaves and such. Please use the stamp, sign the log, and of you want to feel like a geocacher, trade some small trinket for something in the box. Remember the two geocacher mantras, though: Trade even or trade up; and CITO (cache in, trash out). As you can see, the area can use the trash removal, we can all do a little each visit!

If you like what you see, we'd love to have you join the ranks of the Geocachers of West Tennessee (GOWT)! Click on the link provided or visit www.GOWT.org. Send me an email at steve@spencersb.com and let me know what you think of the cache and the stamp!