Coal power  LbNA # 11526

Placed DateOct 10 2004
LocationIndustry, PA
Found By outlander3667
Last Found Apr 2 2010
Hike Distance?

Another very easy one to find. It is addessed by getting on the Yough River Trail either at Sutersville or Industry. You will be between mile marker 28 and 29 nearer to Industry. On the river side of the trail there will be a bench directly across from a waterfall that has formed a beautiful red porous coating (actually I believe is is mainly sulpher). There is a set of high-tension power lines overhead, thus the name coal power. Behind the bench there is a trail that leads up a small embankment and into an open field (actually a boney pile). Go towards the river and you will see a ridge line with a steep drop to the river bottom. Look to the right along this ridge and there is a large chunk of concrete. The letterbox is approximately 20 feet to the right at the base of a tree that leans out towards the river. Clue: a moved stone will still have moss. Please rehide well and enjoy.

Happy Letterboxing!

Allen & Phyllis