Old Hat  LbNA # 11533

Placed DateOct 11 2004
LocationHoover, AL
Found ByThe Cracked Belle
Last UpdateAug 23 2012


Old Hat has a double meaning. This is my former personal stamp, but it had become "old hat" to me. It is a neat stamp, but I did not carve it myself. My brother carved it for me just prior to him taking me on my first letterboxing expedition. Since, I recently carved myself a more meaningful personal stamp, I have decided to honor my brother by passing along this stamp of the old hat he carved for me.

This letterbox is placed at the Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. The hardest part of the search is finding the preserve, so make sure to follow these directions carefully - they will lead you right there. From I-459, exit onto U.S. 31 North. Drive 0.4 miles and turn left onto Patton Chapel Road South. Drive 1.5 miles and turn left onto Chapel Lane. Drive 0.5 miles and turn right onto Al Seier Road. Drive 1 mile and turn right onto Preserve Drive. Drive 0.3 miles and turn right onto Village Green Circle. Drive 0.2 miles, passing the Town Hall on your left, and turn left onto Preserve Parkway. Drive 0.2 miles and look for the signed trailhead on your right. There is no designated parking, so you will have to pull up over the curb to park.

From the trailhead, follow the main access trail until you see three house-sized boulders. You can either descend down the narrow path that goes between the two front boulders or you can take the path to the left of the boulders. They lead to the same place. Once you reach the clearing between the three boulders, you will see a broken tree (approximately 30 feet tall). From this tree, take a 40-degree facing and notice the small trail that opens up leading away from the boulders. Follow this trail, staying to the left of the next group of boulders. Keep following the trail downhill until you see a trailhead for Moonshine Still and Frog Pond. Follow the trail toward Frog Pond. The trail follows the creek, turns and heads back uphill, but then quickly turns back to rejoin the creek. After rejoining the creek, the trail cuts quickly to the left to wind around another cluster of boulders (these are much smaller), but the path cuts through the western tip of this set of boulders. As soon as you clear these boulders you will notice the sandy banks of the creek and a crooked, blazed tree (white blaze). From this tree, spot the hollowed stump at 235-degrees.

Please make sure that the box and the ziplocs are sealed properly and that the box is well-hidden with leaves and pieces of bark. There is a lot of traffic in the area and a lot of kids, so try not to let anyone see you pulling or replacing the box.

You will need to bring your own ink and pen/pencil. Good luck.