Miller Park  LbNA # 1154

OwnerTrail Fairy    
Placed DateMar 27 2003
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Planted ByMoofie & Blaze    
Found By Anna Banana
Last Found Jul 31 2012
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Miller Park Letterbox - Milwaukee, WI
First in the M&B Sports Series

Terrain: Easy, but moderately long walk

Difficulty: Easy, minor math calculation

NOTE: To avoid having to pay for parking this should be done on non game days,early in the day of a night game or later in the day if there was a day game.OR arrive a few hours early for a game, find the letterbox and enjoy some baseball at Miller Park. Cut and paste this link to find the Brewers Schedule

Start at the home of the Brewers, Miller Park. I-94 exit 308A Mitchell
boulevard so that you can park on the North Side of the Park, either in the "Cubs" or "Brewers" lots on either side of the Little League Stadium, Helfaer Field. You are now ready to strike out on a Hall of Fame adventure!

Enjoy the engineering marvel of our baseball team's retractable roof home as you approach the front "Home Plate" doors. You will note there are several statues that adorn the walk area leading to the park's main entrance. Find the Robin Yount statue, which is the one on the right. Read the information at the base and find the following information:

Robin Yount's uniform number and the number of times he was an
All Star.

Subtract the all star number from his uniform number and make note of the answer for later use.

Head east and also make note of who number 44 is, at the second statue, for you will be following his trail.

Continue walking east around the park, past the ticket windows, and towards the "Hot Corner" where you will find the entrance to Friday's Restaurant. Feel free to stop and enjoy a grand slam margarita either now or on your way back!

Continue around the corner to the right and head south passing the left field doors. Be sure to keep count of the number of home plates you cross. At the 5th one turn left.

After crossing the first bridge you will see the "Sausage House" on your left. Continue walking east past the sausage house and cross the second pedestrian bridge. upon exiting the footbridge, look to your left and read the sign about number 44's trail. Look around and take 25 steps down to follow number 44's State Trail. At the bottom of the steps turn left and follow the path going under the bridge you just crossed, then under another. The path winds around to head east. Continue to follow this path until you come to the Lookout Deck
on the right side of the path, overlooking the Menominee River.

As you step onto the deck count the number of planks, stopping at the number you calculated at the Robin Yount Statue. Your hit is directly under foot! Look dead red underneath on the east side of the deck to score!

Good Luck! And have a ball!