The Sassafras  LbNA # 11568

OwnerJessica DE    
Placed DateOct 9 2004
LocationSinnemahoning, PA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Continue on for the next box in the fall foliage series, beyond The Oak letterbox also along Brooks Run.
"the Sassafrass"
Next to to river and through the woods keep running along the brook, We've got box #4 hiding so you'll need to look, two more brown rails line your trail. Then a ways up the road there's a "Hidden Valley" bumble bee gate on your right, but don['t be afraid it won't sting or bite. Next on your right you will see a little brown sign
that says Pine Valley
Fill you jugs
so later you can chug
Fresh mountain spring water. Standing with the porcelain tub on your left facing the road walk to the road and proceed about 10 steps from where you came in . You'll see the black water hose snaking under the road. Directly in front of you if you face the side where you parked you'll see 2 small, very smooth barked trees. If you go to them and grasp the "right" one with your left hand, your right hand will be free to go below the neighboring tree... and then you can set the sassafrass stamp free.
email me with finds of this box.