Brooks Run Water Hole  LbNA # 11569 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerJessica DE    
Placed DateOct 9 2004
LocationSinnemahoning, PA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

reported to be missing (wild animal damage) hope to repair and replace check before looking for this one to see if I've had a chance to fix it thanks

Find Brooks Run off of Rt. 872
Follow it almost the whole way through
until you find the Pine Valley Sign
Park here.. the water is near, and clear.. Fill er up , drink a cup, sit a spell, if in the right season the falling leaves you can smell.. WITH YOUR EYES : Follow the black snake as far as it goes, you'll see a big fallen tree that looks to have cut it in half. Look to the left of the snake up as far as it seems to go. To the snakes left is a very tall tree whose roots resemble a crippled hand. Under a rectangular piece of slate your Brooks Run Water Hole letterbox is waiting.
WITH YOUR FEET, follow the "rocky path" across the stream and scramble up to that tree any way you can.
Snow on the ground will hamper you seeing the black snake, but the clues should still allow you to find the correct tree, if you pay attention to the large fallen treee. I recommend blue, green and brown markers for this stamp. They are not in the box. Bring them! Email me first finder, and anyone who wants to update me !