A Little Stroll in Town **RETIRED**  LbNA # 11573 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 12 2004
LocationConnersville, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
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These boxes are hidden in my little home town of Connersville. It includes box #8 in our kids' series. There are five boxes, hidden RIGHT IN town, on busy streets with people and traffic. Discretion may be a little challenging, but that adds a little excitement, don't it? :) It is a very easy hunt, probably takes about 30 to 45 minutes to walk the whole thing. But because of the locations of the boxes, you may want to gather them all and go back to the car, or into the library to stamp in. Please just be sure, whatever you do, to re-hide them VERY well. This little series is placed on my mom's 50th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! It gives just a little bitty taste of my home town, and is intended to share some of the things that I like and think about when the beautiful season of autumn comes around. Thus, it is planted in honor of mom's 50th, and autumn 2004. :) The boxes are hidden in succession, so follow the clues in order, to find all five.

To start: Find the Fayette County Public Library on Grand Ave. between 8th and 9th streets and park either along the street in front, or you can park in the parking lot behind the library. Grand Ave. runs north and south and can easily be found. If not, ask anyone; they'll tell ya where it is. I wanted to plant the first box at the library but couldn't find an appropriate spot, so the first box, "Maple Leaf," is hidden two doors south of the library, at 812 Grand Ave. which is the Trustee's Office. Just walk down the sidewalk on Grand Ave., same side of the street as the library and there it is. The box is hidden under the shed (north side) behind the office. On to the next one.

From box #1, walk south to 8th St. and go left (east) to Central Ave. Turn right. Just before you get to Family Video and just after the church you just passed, there is an alley to your right lined by bushes on the left side of the alley as you look down it. "Happy Jack" is found in bush #14. Easy enough, huh?

To find #3, go back to Central Ave. and continue southward. Turn left (east) on 7th St. There's another big church (First United Presbyterian) there, and you need to locate the second bush from the end of a row of them, planted along the south side of the church. This bush is concealing "Little Batty." Upward and onward we go!

Go back up Central Ave. heading north. At UCNB, take the sidewalk just before you get to the drive thru. It leads past the drive-up window area. Head to the left at the end of that sidewalk and go towards "Wells." You'll walk across several parking spaces. As you're facing "Wells," there'll be a row of trees and large bushes on your right. "Harvest" is in the last large bush. And lastly...

Continue walking towards "Wells" and take the sidewalk westward back to Central Ave. When you get to Central, go north. Turn right at 10th St., and go down the sidewalk past the "brick and black" fence. At the end of that fence, you'll see a short brick wall that tells you the name of the place inside the fence. Inside the back of the bush at the "S" end of the wall, you'll find "Cracked Turkey Bird."

Next, a quick stroll back to the library where you started which, again, is on Grand Ave. between 8th and 9th streets.

As always, please be careful to hide these boxes very very very well, as good as you can. Obviously, they could easily come up missing if not hidden well. If you see a problem, or can't find what you're hunting, please contact me, and thanks so much for visiting! Happy autumn, happy hunting, and happy birthday MOM! :)