Watt's Up? - Hitchhiker  LbNA # 11612

Placed DateSep 19 2004
Location???, MY
Planted Byladybug    
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Wandering Ladybug's Hitchhiker Tale #2

One day when Ladybug was in one of her wandering modes, she encountered a friendly moth. Since ladybugs and moths are not scary bugs and are both able to fly, they had a very nice chat.
Then, as it grew dark, the porch lights came on. The moth abruptly ended the conversation and flew up to a nearby porch light to begin beating itself against the light, at which point the puzzled Ladybug just had to say... Watt’s Up?

Ladybug's adventure began near Houston, Texas on September 19, 2004, and her anxious parent has not heard from her. If you've seen her, let me know where she's been in her travels.