Houston Trail Series #2  LbNA # 11623 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2004
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationLangley, BRC
Planted BySecret Gardeners    
Found By CSB bc
Last Found Nov 28 2004
Hike Distance?

*** It has been reported that this series may be missing.
To collect this series you will need to visit the site of the first “Hudson’s Bay Fort Langley”. Park across the road but take time to visit the cairn and other information signs before seeking out the “Milk house” to begin your quest.

Step inside and peer through the little window on your left to spy a set of double wheels. Go to that spot. From the tip of the “A” follow a bearing of 270 degrees magnetic to find the “ring”. Here rests the “Cow” you seek.

The trail is close by, follow it, away from where you came, down and enter the meadow. Note: No Bikes and dogs on leash. Meander through the meadow; stay on the path to join the main trail. Follow the split rails to a fork and “going against the clock” continue your journey.

Passing one that becomes two on the left – before a bend and two more that become two, between which lies a path at 1 o’clock Journey along leaping over one log and on to the next. Leap this one too, and follow it towards 11 o’clock, do not leave this log, but search beneath and there hides the “Leap Frog”.

Go back in time and continue on your way. From two twos that are two, don’t go back but amble on – this is bear country and so many places to hide. Stop at the old nurse log for a rest, there’s room for many. Gaze across the path to marvel at the old giant, still holding it’s own amidst the quiet forest. Near it you will find the “Bear” in its den in yet another one that becomes two. Did you know that bears often have twins?

Back on the trail, tracking a “Bluebird” you’ll find that this little bird chose a majestic old fir tree with many units to nest in. Check the basement as the rest are too open.

Not too far on, still going against the clock on a curve, up a rise and on your right you will be tempted to and should follow the path. Cross 2 fallen logs, a stump on your left and head for the giant Maple tree. Pass it and go to the wire with barbs. Caution! Here your will find the “Nettle” which is seasonally protected by its own!!

Back again and on you will observe Nature’s force at a blown over giant – looks like a good spot for a letterbox, in fact so good perhaps a real animal uses it! Move on, rising to slither back and forth, dipping to cross a little stream ( seasonal) and up – watching for the snakes den in a family of four. The “Snake” is not in its den right now, but around back hunting.